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Online Parts Listings : Worm Drive, Propeller Shaft, Rear Hub & Wheel Fittings


Part CodeDescriptionPrice [GBP]Unit
P8/001S7 wheel rim with spokes 215.31 Each
P8/001CS8 rear wheel rim (stainless steel)Sold Out Each
P8/002Nipple 2.31 Each
P8/003Spindle spacer 18.01 Each
P8/004C spring 4.40 Each
P8/005Grease seal 22.05 Each
P8/006Lock ring 40.32 Each
P8/007Thrust collar 12.81 Each
P8/008Bearing (ball) 30.24 Each
P8/009Distance piece 15.68 Each
P8/010Inner distance piece 53.16 Each
P8/011Bearing (roller) 40.96 Each
P8/012Inner thrust collar 9.01 Each
P8/013Hub thrust ring 25.89 Each
P8/014Wormshaft oil flinger 11.55 Each
P8/015Wormshaft front bearing 80.37 Each
P8/017Bearing housing 29.71 Each
P8/018-19Tab washer + 2 nuts 3.74 Set
P8/020Wormshaft coupling 60.49 Each
P8/021Coupling stud 5.26 Each
P8/022Rear universal joint replacement bearing kit 54.45 Each
P8/022ATotal cost for overhauling your universal joint 157.60 1
P8/024Propeller Shaft Retaining Circlip 1.46 Each
P8/025Propeller Shaft Washer 1.46 Each
P8/026Propeller Shaft Cap 30.01 Each
P8/027Layrub bolt 3.78 Each
P8/028Spring Washer 0.18 Each
P8/029Front universal joint replacement insert bush 62.51 Each
P8/029aDrive coupling 375.07 Each
P8/031Rear drive outer casting 83.36 Each
P8/033Oil baffle 19.05 Each
P8/036Propshaft bolt 13.05 Each
P8/039Worm wheel outer bearing 123.64 Each
P8/040Coupling dog 53.38 Each
P8/041Wormshaft (solo) 633.12 Each
P8/041AWormshaft (sidecar) 477.98 Each
P8/042Wormshaft coupling nut 31.45 Each
P8/043Split pin 0.08 Each
P8/044Distance piece 29.49 Each
P8/045Wormwheel (solo) 481.58 Each
P8/045AWormwheel (sidecar)Sold Out Each
P8/046Worm wheel inner bearing 221.19 Each
P8/048Wormshaft oil seal 7.05 Each
P8/049-50Tab washer + 2 nuts 3.74 Set
P8/051Bearing housing stud 5.10 Each
P8/053Filler cover screw 0.76 Each
P8/054Filler cover 13.18 Each
P8/056Rear spindle (Stainless steel) 111.59 Each
P8/058Adjuster housing 34.31 Each
P8/059Brake tappet 10.58 Each
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