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Online Parts Listings : Electrical


Part CodeDescriptionPrice [GBP]Unit
P15/+100For distributor see Plate 11Sold Out 1
P15/001Fuse Holder 1.39 Each
P15/010Altette HornSold Out Each
P15/011Horn Bracket 19.16 Each
P15/027Spark plug 4.95 Each~
P15/044A12 Volt Alternator Conversion 519.75 Each
P15/046Oil warning light 57.33 Each~
P15/047Ignition warning light 57.33 Each
P15/048Warning Light bulb 1.40 Each~
P15/052Headlamp Shell (Fibreglass) 60.51 Each~
P15/053Headlamp bulb holder (original) 68.76 1~
P15/054Pilot Bulb (original type)Sold Out Each~
P15/055S7 & S8 Headlamp bulb - original - 6 volt 19.45 Each
P15/055AS7 & S8 Headlamp bulb - original - 12 volt 19.45 Each
P15/055BS7 & S8 Headlamp bulb - halogen - 6 voltSold Out Each~
P15/055CS7 & S8 Headlamp bulb - halogen - 12 voltSold Out Each~
P15/056Headlamp reflector rim clip 4.33 Each~
P15/057Headlamp Reflector 109.15 Each~
P15/058Headlamp cork seal 6.00 Each~
P15/059Headlamp rim for domed glass 83.35 Each~
P15/059AHeadlamp rim for flat glassSold Out Each~
P15/060Headlamp Glass - original domed type 110.03 Each~
P15/060CHeadlamp replacement sealed beam unit 75.01 Each~
P15/060DHeadlamp sealed beam unit complete 171.33 Each~
P15/066Speedo Bulb Holder 20.87 Each~
P15/082Wiring harness complete 47.63 Each~
P15/083Set of grommets for machine 13.44 2Set~
P15/088Rubber cable ties 1.51 Each~
P15/093Battery - 6 volt 46.25 Each~
P15/093A12 Volt Battery 46.25 Each~
P15/093BBattery acid pack 17.30 Pack~
P15/094Coil 6V 31.35 Each~
P15/094ACoil 12V 31.35 Each~
P15/095C.V.C. unit - 6 volt or 12 Volt 75.01 Each
P15/095AAlternator voltage rectifier 86.82 Each~
P15/096Split metal end for original CVC 1.28 Each~
P15/097AAmmeter (Pattern) 22.50 Each~
P15/098Ignition and lighting switch 105.18 Each
P15/126Stoplight bulb 6Volt (P9/126) 2.08 Each~
P15/126AStoplight bulb 12Volt (P9/126A) 2.08 Each~
P15/152Stoplight switch with bracket (P4/152) 9.16 Each
P15/153Original stoplight switch 42.39 Each
P15/154Original stoplight mounting plate 21.96 Each~
P15/155Original stoplight spring 4.50 Each~
P15/227Dynamo field windings 216.04 Set of 4~
P15/228Dynamo pole shoe screw 7.88 Each~
P15/229Dynamo terminal block 12.51 Each~
P15/229ADynamo terminal block screw 0.61 Each
P15/230Terminal block brass insert 8.40 Each
P15/230ADynamo terminal pin 4.49 Each
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