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Online Parts Listings : Distributor & 276 Carburettor


Part CodeDescriptionPrice [GBP]Unit
P11/001Stirrup tyre pump 63.01 Each
P11/002Handle bar mirror (stainless steel) 57.15 Each
P11/031Saddle mattress spring - small 5.50 Each
P11/032Saddle mattress spring - large 5.50 Each
P11/033S7 saddle sub assembly 150.82 Each
P11/035276 mesh air filter element 27.78 Each
P11/036Brass terminal pin - dynamo 4.28 Each
P11/037Distributor cap retaining spring 11.21 Each
P11/039Distributor LT washer & bolt 14.36 Set
P11/040Distributor rotor carrier 26.46 Each
P11/0516/3 throttle slide 276 carb 71.01 Each
P11/052Throttle spring 276 carb 7.18 Each
P11/053Float chamber banjo bolt 276 carb 22.07 Each
P11/054Top threaded ring 276 carb 17.86 Each
P11/055Choke retaining clip 276 carb 13.37 Each
P11/056Pilot screw 276 carb 6.13 Each
P11/056-058Throttle & Pilot Screw kit 276 carb 14.01 Each~
P11/057Pilot screw spring 276 carb 3.46 Each
P11/058Slide stop screw 276 carb 8.58 Each
P11/059Choke plunger spring 276 carb 3.57 Each
P11/060Push rod choke assembly 276 carb 69.30 Each
P11/061Gasket set 276 carb 6.14 Set
P11/062Float needle 276 carb 17.62 Each
P11/063Throttle needle 276 carb 21.51 Each
P11/064Needle clip 276 carb 2.59 Each
P11/065Top ring retaining clip 276 carb 5.19 Each
P11/066Needle jet 276 carb 10.84 Each
P11/067Main jet 276 carb 8.58 Each
P11/068Base cap nut 276 carb 30.45 Each
P11/069276 Carburettor (no float chamber) 317.49 Each
P11/120Distributor body shell 158.76 Each
P11/138Distributor weight plate 208.95 Each
P11/138ADistributor shaft 26.00 Each~
P11/139Distributor gasket 0.71 Each~
P11/141Distributor "O" ring 1.07 Each~
P11/143Distributor dog 53.58 Each
P11/144Distributor dog washer 6.75 Each~
P11/145Distributor oil seal 5.20 Each~
P11/146Distributor Tufnell Washer 5.36 Each~
P11/147Distributor bronze bushSold Out Each~
P11/148Distributor 792.75 Each~
P11/168Distributor dog pin 0.52 Each~
P11/220Distributor cap 178.60 Each
P11/221Rotor arm 13.17 Each
P11/222Advance and retard springs 4.60 Pair~
P11/223Carbon brush and spring 4.78 Each~
P11/224Condenser 12.10 Each~
P11/225Set of points 12.10 Each~
P11/226Insulating bush 3.31 Each~
P11/227Points Screw 0.50 Each~
Displaying 1-50 of 53 records (53 total).
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